The FIFA world cup which will be held in 3 days’ time in Russia for the 21st time has been around for a long time. It has been around since its inception some 88 years ago. That works out to fix it beginning in 1930. The world cup was held for the first time when then FIFA President Jules Rimet decided to stage an international football tournament.

A picture of the FIFA World Cup.
A picture of the FIFA World Cup.

Back then the tournament was contested by 13 teams invited by the organization. Over the course of its long lifespan, the tournament has seen many changes or improvements. Now 32 teams compete in the tournament and plans are far advanced to increase that number to 40. While that plan will be a reality sometime in the future, for now the world cup in Russia in a few days’ time will be competed among 32 nations.

As we eagerly and anxiously wait for the opening ceremony to unfold let recap and remind ourselves why we love the tournament. We love the world cup for a number of reasons and below are a few of them.


The world cup can be likened to a medicine. When we are sick we take medicine and recover, so is the world cup. Human beings are complicated creatures who fight and quarrel with one another at any point in time. As we fight and quarrel among ourselves, we make up. One of the medicines that helps with that is the world cup.

During world cup seasons or periods we forget about our quarrels and differences and unite as a nation. In my part of the world and my experience we gather around one television, forget our troubles and watch the game as one people. So the world cup has long been a facilitator of unity. Although things are changing rapidly, I would like to think the world cup will continue to play such a role. This is why we love the world cup.


Entertainment is a necessity in everyone’s life. After all the bible talks about humans entertaining themselves in moderation as they work and worship. The world cup happens to be one of such ways we entertain ourselves. During this unique tournament we wine and dine whiles cheering on our countries.

A picture of Ronaldo who qualified Portugal to the world cup in Russia.
A picture of Ronaldo who qualified Portugal to the world cup in Russia.

During the world cup we relax ourselves and have some fun. Those who have been working all year round take a moment to pause, refresh and go again. I remember those days where we went to the spot to drink and dance when our country won. The world cup has long fulfilled such a role and that is why we love it. I can only imagine when it will cease to perform such a function.


The world cup unlike any other competition or event provides us with a unique platform. And that is the chance to watch the best players in the world. During world cup seasons people use their saved up money to go and see the best players live. They are able to enjoy such a once in a life time opportunity by meeting their idols.

A picture of Messi who qualified Argentina to the world cup in Russia.
A picture of Messi who qualified Argentina to the world cup in Russia.

Those of us who can’t afford to go are not completely left out either. How is that? We get to watch them on television courtesy of broadcasting. The world’s best players on one platform doesn’t happen very often since they play in different leagues. The world cup allow us to enjoy such a moment while savoring it for a lifetime. This is why we love the FIFA world cup.


There aren’t many avenues or platforms to showcase our patriotism to our nations. So when and where the opportunity present it selves we take it. The world cup provides us with one of such opportunities. We stand by our nations while they vie for the biggest accolade in football. We stick with them from the beginning to the end.

The moments the national anthems are played are unique ones. We stop whatever we are doing and salute the flag as the anthem is played. If that isn’t patriotism at its fullest, then I don’t know what is. World cup seasons are moments for us to show our patriotism to our nations and that is why we love the tournament.


The world cup is one of many tournaments or competitions in the game or sports called football. It is a unique four year interval tournament. Both fans, pundits, players, football administrators and authorities alike agree that it is the biggest tournament in football. My own personal survey of over a hundred football fans confirmed such assertion.

A picture of Neymar who qualified Brazil to the world cup in Russia.
A picture of Neymar who qualified Brazil to the world cup in Russia.

So in world cup seasons, that is when football viewing and supporting is at its highest. The fans who are disillusioned with their club teams put their sorrows aside and watch the game. The happy ones are no different. They compose themselves and throw their weights behind their nations.

This is why we love the world cup. For me and others alike there is no greater football tournament in the world than the world cup.


The FIFA world cup is here once again, right on our doorsteps and knocking on the door. Let’s all open the door and welcome its. We should go ahead and offer it a sit because it’s going to be here for a while. Let’s do that whole heartedly because we love the world cup.

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