Sports according to Wikipedia is an activity involving physical exertion and skill in which an individual or team competes against another or others for entertainment. Some of the well-known sports include football, basketball, athletics, hockey, tennis etc. This days racing and other electronic games are known as sports. Sports can be both an indoor game and an outdoor game.

There are two distinct people who love sports. The first group belong to the individuals or athletes that engage or partake in the game. The second are the fans or people who like to watch others play. Whatever category you belong or end up belonging to doesn’t matter. What matters is that after reading this article you become a lover of sports. That is my reason for writing this article. So why do people love sports or why should you love sports? This article will seek to provide you with 5 reasons. So go ahead and read this article and don’t quit in the middle.

A variety of Sports.
A variety of Sports.


One reason why you should love sports is that it teaches teamwork. Sports is a great advocate of teamwork. This principle or characteristics is embedded in the game. From football to basketball, all of them uses teamwork. Team work as the name suggest means being able to work in a group to achieve a common purpose.

So whether you become a fan or an athlete you learn about teamwork and know how to be a team member. For an athlete you work with other players to achieve targeted goals and become successful. That means avoiding individualism. As a fan also you learn how to be a team player in your place of work or study by watching sports. Football is a typical sports that can help you be a team player as a fan. You are able to watch 11 players of opposing teams work together to win a match. When you apply that in your work or studies it will yield great results.


Another reason why you should love sports is that it is a form of entertainment. Everyone needs entertainment to avoid boredom and to refresh the mind and body. Sports can be that entertainment. As a fan you get to relax and watch your favorite team or any team play. It can be any game. As you relax and watch that team play, you are refreshed and energized. With that energy you can go on and accomplish any task at hand.

Sports has many importance or benefits.
Sports has many importance or benefits.

As an athlete or player, you get to entertain yourself as well. For those who play the game, it is not just a hobby or job but a form of entertainment. You release stress and boredom as you play while refreshing yourself. So whether you play or watch on as a fan, it is a good enough reason to love sports.


Education they say does not take place only in the classroom. It takes place at different places and through different forms. One of the forms education take place is sports. Sports educate both its athletes and fans. As an athlete you learn the rules of the game, the goals, aspirations and history of the game. This helps you to become a knowledgeable individual.

The same applies to a fan as well. A sports fan learns about the history of the game, stars or legends and the rules of the game. When you learn these things it enlightens you and you are able to educate others. You are also able to apply the knowledge in other fields of life. Knowledge after all is dynamic. This is why you should love sports.


Sports goes beyond the reasons discussed above. It offers health benefits to everyone involved. As an athlete you get to exercise your body which helps to reduce your weight, improve blood circulation as well as lower risk of hypertension. It also grants you stronger immunity whiles aiding in diabetes control.

As a fan one might wonder, how does sports help me in terms of health? Well you are in luck because sports inspires it fans to get active. People are able to exercise their body because they get inspiration from their favorite’s athletes who are fit. Watching live sports is a workout in itself and not to talk of the stress you release through cheering. This reason alone should motivate you to love sports.


Another reason to love Sports is that it improves mental skills. Sports improves or quicken the rate at which you use the brain. As an athlete you are able to quickly think of your next course of action. You are able to take quick decisions and actions. You disagreeing with the officials of the game also helps improve mental activity.

How does it improve the mental skills of a fan also? Well, as one watches a game you are able to study everything involved. You feel for the athletes, understand the plays, disagree with the officials and argue with fellow fans. The ability to do the above things keep your brain active and kicking, thereby improving mental skills.

There is a lot to gain from loving sports. The discussed points above are just a few of them. Find a sports or a couple of them, get to participate in it as a fan or player and experience for yourself what I am talking about. I have definitely benefited from being a sports lover and will continue to be one.

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