The countdown to Russia is 9 days more. We discussed the road the African reps took to get to the Russia a few days ago. Today we are going to look at that of the Conmebol or the South American reps. The South American reps like their African counterparts also had a very unique and different journey to reach Russia.

The reps who qualified played among the rest of the South American nations in a league format to determine the reps. 5 teams came out of the league competition as victors. They include Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, Columbia and Peru. This teams mentioned above will represent South America because of the zeal, commitment and energy they played the qualifiers with. Let’s take a look at the journey they took and how they got to Russia.


Brazil also known as the little canary is an ever-present team in the FIFA world cup. They make their 22nd appearance in the competition in a few days’ time. Brazil began their quest for Russia in a negative manner when they were defeated 2 nil by Chile. That defeat did not last long as they picked their 1st victory against Venezuela by winning 3-1. They followed that with a 1-1 draw against Argentina.

A picture of Neymar on the road to Russia.
A picture of Neymar on the road to Russia.

Brazil got back to winning ways by beating Peru 3 nil but quickly followed that with a 2 all draw against Uruguay. Another 2 all draw against Paraguay followed. Their next match against Ecuador saw them clinch a 3 nil win. That was followed by another win (2-1) against Columbia and (5-0) win against Bolivia. Venezuela and Argentina also took a 2 nil and 3 nil defeat respectively.

Brazil’s winning streak continued against Peru (2-0), Uruguay (4-1), Paraguay (3-0) and Ecuador (2-0). They concluded their qualifiers with a 1-1 draw with Columbia, a 0-0 draw with Bolivia and a 3 nil win over Chile. Their influential players in the journey were Neymar, coutinho and Allison.


Uruguay began their journey to Russia with a 2 nil win over Bolivia. They quickly followed that win a 3 nil win over Columbia and a 2-1 defeat to Ecuador. They bounced back to drub Chile 3 nil but draw 2-2 against Brazil afterwards. Next up for Uruguay was a 1 nil win over Peru, a 4 nil win over Paraguay, a 3 nil win over Venezuela and a 2-1 win over Ecuador. A 3-1, 4-1 and 1-0 defeat to Chile, Brazil and Peru followed respectively.

A picture of Suarez on the road to  Russia.
A picture of Suarez on the road to Russia.

They overcame their slump to pick up a goalless draw against Argentina and a 2-1 win over Paraguay. Uruguay drew 0-0 with Venezuela and picked up a 4-2 win over Bolivia to round up the qualifiers. Those results allowed them to place 2nd on the table to secure their place in Russia. Luis Suarez and Edinson Cavani were their chief drivers.


Argentina also began their journey with a 2 nil win over Ecuador and a followed that with a goalless draw against Paraguay. Another draw followed, this time a 1-1 draw against Brazil. They bounced back from their mini slump to pose a 1 nil and 2-1 wins over Columbia and Chile respectively. The winning results continued against Bolivia (2-0) and Uruguay (1-0). A 2-2 draw against Venezuela and Peru coupled by a 1-0 and 3-0 defeat to Paraguay and Brazil came next.

A picture of Messi on the road to Russia.
A picture of Messi on the road to Russia.

They recovered from the slump to win 3 nil, and 1 nil over Columbia and Chile respectively. Another underwhelming performance against Bolivia resulted in a 2 nil loss. Those performance repeated themselves as they drew 0-0, 1-1 and 0-0 with Uruguay, Venezuela and Peru respectively. They won 3-1 against Ecuador to end the qualifiers on a positive note. Lionel Messi was by far their star player.


Columbia like its qualified counterparts began the journey on a good note by posing a 2 nil win over Peru. That win was followed by a 3 nil loss and 1-1 draw to Uruguay and Chile respectively. Another defeat came against Argentina, this time a 1nil loss. Columbia bounced back with a 3-2, 3-1 and 2 nil win over Bolivia, Ecuador and Venezuela respectively. Brazil ended that run by defeating Columbia 2-1.

A picture of the Columbia national team on the road to Russia.
A picture of the Columbia national team on the road to Russia.

They returned to winning ways by posting a 1 nil win over Paraguay. A 2-2 draw, 0-0 draw and a 3-0 loss at the hands of Uruguay, Chile and Argentina came next. They once again rediscovered their winning touch by beating Bolivia and Ecuador 1-0 and 2-0 in that order. They drew 0-0 and 1-1 with Venezuela and Brazil. That abysmal run continued with a 2-1 loss and 1-1 draw to Paraguay and Peru. Columbia placed 4th on the Conmebol table to qualify to Russia.


Peru is one of the surprises from South America going to the world cup. They did so at the expense of Chile and Paraguay. Their journey started with a 2 nil loss against Columbia. They won their 1st match against Paraguay 1 nil and followed it with a 2-2 draw with Venezuela. A 1 nil loss to Uruguay, a 3 nil win over Bolivia and a 2-1 win over Ecuador came next.

A picture of the Peru national team on the road to Russia.
A picture of the Peru national team on the road to Russia.

Chile defeated Peru 2-1 after that run. They returned to winning ways by beating Paraguay 4-1. That winning ways did not last long as Brazil defeated Peru 2-0 and Venezuela drew with them 2-2. They won 2-1 against Uruguay, Bolivia and Ecuador respectively. They followed that impressive results with a goalless draw with Argentina and a 1-1 draw with Columbia. Their results meant a double play-off against New Zealand which they won with an aggregate 2-0 score line.


Russia welcome the representatives of South America into its chilly and frozen weather. Led by the powerful and rejuvenated Brazil they can only hope to bring the trophy back to South America. The continent which last won the trophy in 2002.

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