Russia 2018’s world cup is fast approaching as the major European leagues come to an end after a long marathon. People’s attention are naturally being drawn to it since they feast and dine on it as if it is food. I can say the same for me that is why I find myself writing an article titled Russia 2018 in fast approaching. It is 28 days away and it promises a lot of things.

Russia 2018 Promises

What does Russia 2018 promises to offer. It promises to offer a scintillating, riveting, exciting and a highly competitive tournament. It’s not going to be just a tournament. It is actually going to be a whole month of life. Watching a host of Stars like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lionel Messi, Segio Ramos, Eden Hazard etc. do what they do best, that is play football. There will be singing, dancing, drinking, eating and anything you can think of that comes with sports.

a picure of ronaldo, messi, neymar and ramos who will feature in russia 2018
a picture of ronaldo, messi, neymar and ramos who will feature in russia 2018

Russia 2018 also promises to bring 64 entertaining matches across 11 beautiful cities and 12 stadia.
It again promises to offer beautiful places in Russia where you can sight-see. This link shows you some of those beautiful places. The locals of Russia are going to get market for their goods and services while you the tourist get your money’s worth.

Russia Bad Luck

Russia 2018 brings along not just those promises and good news, but some bad luck too. There is the saying that everything is influenced by luck. And that, that luck can be positive or negative. Well that saying applies here. In spite of the good things Russia 2018 promises it carries along with it some bad luck as a host of low and high low profile names to grace the tournament are nursing injuries.

A search conducted at reveals that star players such as Neymar Da Silva Jnr, Cristiano Ronaldo, Sergio Aguero, Mesut Ozil, Manuel Neur etc who will light up Russia are injured. Other who are not high profile but will be valuable to their countries too are injured. They are Laurent Koscielny, Alex Oxlade Chamberlain, Felipe Luis, Aleksandr Kokorin etc.

a picture of ronaldo, chamberlain, neur and koscielny who might not feature in russia 2018
a picture of ronaldo, chamberlain, neur and koscielny who might not feature in russia 2018

This injuries they are nursing with Russia 2018 in sight begs some questions. Are they going to be fit before the tournament kicks off in June? Even if they should recover in time how is their fitness level going to be? Are they going to be in good shape and have a wonderful tournament?

Russia 2018 as a Start.

This situation with Russia 2018 admittedly is not unique. It has happened before with varying degrees. But to prevent this situation from being a norm it has to start from somewhere. That is where Russia 2018 comes in. The tournament should be used to get a handle on the problem so that another world cup won’t suffer the same fate. Players should be sensitized or educated to indulge in fair play. In fact Russia 2018 should be all about fair play. When this is done it will limit the number of injuries that will occur in Russia 2018 and football as a whole.

It will also preserve the dreams of players who wish to partake in future world cups, tournaments and competitions. Strict sanctions should be meted out to players who go in for dangerous tackles since they end up injuring themselves and the players involved. It will serve as a deterrent too other players and improve the game we all love.
The issue of racism naturally pop up when we talk about fair play. The players should be encouraged to treat each other equally and respect the rules of the game. This will promote the brand of football.

Russia 2018 Luck

In spite of the bad luck I have talked about I do fervently hope the prayers of the injured players mentioned above recover in time. I wish same for those not mentioned. When that happen the promises Russia 2018 has made will be fulfilled to the latter. And we will have an exciting and extremely competitive tournament in Russia.

Let help make Russia 2018 a success by talking about it, discussing it and sharing this piece of article.
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By: Fredrick Adehe.

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