Almost every blogger out there introduces himself and his blog to the readers out there. He also introduces it to the blogging Community. I am not any different. Who i am and what my blog seeks to do. Well you will know in a few minutes.


I am Fredrick Adehe a 22 year old young guy. I am also known as FYA hence the name of the blog. I hail from Ghana the ancient Gold Coast and a recent graduate from the University of Cape Coast. I never studied publishing or anything related to writing but i can say i love writing. I love it as much as i love reading and sporting activities.

Though my passion and likes are many, it is one in particular I want to share with everyone. This happens to be sports with emphasis on football. I love sports as much as my other passions if not more. The thrill and knowledge i derive from the game is what I want to share with everyone.



Sports is like a life on it own as i have said in my about section of my blog. It is alive today because it has life. It is alive because it has been nurtured. The fans, players and managers of the game give it food everyday. That is why it is a life.

For this life to develop and reach new heights the responsibility falls on all lovers of the game. That is one essence of my blog. To grow sports and win more souls for it like a religion. My other reason for creating this blog is quite simple. It is to let viewers read unbiased and unadulterated discussion of issues affecting or happening in the game. Some of the topics i have talked about so far varies from racism to technology in the game.

I also created this blog to create a community where people of similar interest can come together and discuss issues. It is a relatively new blog but i hope that dream isn’t far along.


So as of today i welcome everyone to our community where we can promote, develop and grow sports. Spread the news to all lovers of sports while also winning new souls for this life. Remember every life needs oxygen and water or it dies. I hope this blog will serve it purpose together with everyone.

Watch out for more discussion of exciting, controversial and interesting sports issues. Until then this is and it is here to make friends entertain and educate you whiles learning from you as well. The slogan goes fya sports: because you and i love sports. Until a new post arrives stay safe.

Kindly share this post to grow sports if you find it interesting enough.

FYA SPORTS: Because you and I love sports.

About Fredrick 52 Articles
I am a 22 year old young man born on the 14th of December 1995 at Elmina. My hometown though can be traced to Keta. I had my primary education at Global Evangelical Preparatory School and Christ Cares International School then moved on to Edinaman SHS for my senior years. I enrolled in University of Cape Coast in 2014 to pursue a degree in B.ed Social Studies. I graduate in May 24th of this year. I don't know much about life but i will like to say football, athletics and basketball have led me to places and people. I want to build my experience with you on the other side by sharing your experiences and comments as well as views.


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