The 2018 FIFA world cup in Russia took a day’s break after the conclusion of the Group stage matches. The round 16th stage is here upon us and begins today. The teams that made it and the opponents they will be facing is mentioned below. France will play Argentina and Uruguay will play Portugal. This two matches will take place today.

Spain against Russia and Croatia against Denmark will take place tomorrow. Another round 16th pairing see Brazil play Mexico whiles Belgium host Japan. The Sweden-Switzerland fixture and the Colombia-England fixtures will end the round 16th stage and determine the teams to participate in the quarter final stage.

Those are the matches to be played at this stage over the next 3 days. But for today we will focus on just two matches which is France versus Argentina and Uruguay versus Portugal. This are two mouthwatering clashes that shouldn’t be missed for any reason. Two South American giants up against two European giants.


The match between France and Argentina is the 1st of many high profile matches to be played over the next few days. The match will see the European giant dueling with the South American giant. France get to play Argentina having topped their Group whiles Argentina faces France because they were 2nd in their Group.

France versus Argentina is not a new fixture. They have faced each other before and this meeting will be the 12th time in their history. Argentina dominate this fixture having recorded 6 wins compared to France’s 2 with 3 matches resulting in a draw. Argentina have won each of their past 2 matches against France in the world cup. This is strictly a one-off match to determine who makes it to the round 16th stage. The match will be played at the Kazan arena at 3pm UK time.

A picture of the round 16th fixture between France and Argentina.
A picture of the round 16th fixture between France and Argentina.

France have recorded 3 wins and 2 draws from their past 5 matches, the latest result being the goalless draw with Denmark. Argentina on the other hand have produced 2 wins, a draw and a loss in that same run with one of the match cancelled. Their latest result is a 2-1 victory over Nigeria.

France are unbeaten in their last 8 world cup matches against South American oppositions. The statistics favor Argentina more than it does France. Both teams have been poor in this year’s tournament but France have done better than Argentina. That is why I foresee them winning this match to progress to the quarter final stage.


The Uruguay-Portugal match is the last high profile match to be played today but the 2nd to be played at this stage of the competition. The match will see the South American nation against the 2016 Euro champions. Both sides are facing each other because Uruguay placed 1st in their Group whiles Portugal placed 2nd in their Group.

This match will take place at the Fisht Olympic Stadium at 7pm UK time. This is not the 1st time this two footballing nations face-off. They have met each other twice in the past although not in the world cup. Portugal are undefeated in those two matches having won one and drawn the other.

A picture of the round 16th fixture between Uruguay and Portugal.
A picture of the round 16th fixture between Uruguay and Portugal.

Uruguay have won all their past 5 matches, with their latest result the 3nil win over Russia. Portugal on the other hand have recorded 2 wins and 3 draws in their last 5 matches, the 1-1 draw with Iran their latest result. This is the 1st meeting at the FIFA world cup between the two footballing giants.

Uruguay are yet to concede a goal in Russia whiles Portugal have already shipped in 4 goals. Portugal have recorded just one loss in their last 17 games at major tournament. Uruguay have been eliminated at this stage of the competition in three out of four attempts since the world cup changed format to include the round 16th stage. The match will be a cagey and highly competitive affair, one I think Uruguay will win because of their tight defence and sharp attack. It bears semblance to the famous Atletico Madrid side.


After 16 days of practically non-stop action, the group stage is over and the round 16th stage is here. We are nearing closer to the completion of the tournament. This stage promises 3 more match days after today’s matches. They are all classic and competitive matches in their own rights. I have made my analysis and predictions after a carefully evaluation of the information at my disposal. Read carefully and comment on it in the comment section. Share your opinions on it using the information above if you disagree as well.

Share the article with your friends and football lovers and hear what they think if you find it interesting enough. The 3rd world cup diary will be brought to you after the conclusion of the round 16th matches, where we will review the important things that happened. Please stay tune for that while informing others.

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