Italian football was overjoyed with a particular signing a couple of days ago. That signing was the transfer of the current Ballon d’or winner Cristiano Ronaldo from Real Madrid to Juventus. Normally the signing of a 33 year old does not make a club jubilate like it is Christmas let alone the whole nation.

However this particular signing isn’t a regular one. It is a one of a kind signing. The current Ballon d’or winner decided to swap the mighty Real Madrid and current champions’ league winners for Juventus. This signing has caused confusion throughout Europe. People simply don’t understand why Ronaldo will swap Real Madrid for Juventus at this stage of his career and why Juventus will splash such cash on him.

Ronaldo joins Italian football side Juventus.
Ronaldo joins Italian football side Juventus.

It is only Ronaldo, Juventus and Italian football that know what they are gaining. But that shouldn’t be the case. In this article I discuss the possible effects such a transfer can have on Juventus and Italian football. I will also discuss why the transfer make sense for all parties especially Juventus and Italian football.


Juventus haven’t experienced Champions league success since they last lifted the trophy some 22 years ago. Italian football have also not experienced Champions league success lately with Inter Milan’s win in 2010 the last time a club from Italy won it. Both Italian football and Juventus will be hoping to change that this season.

Italian football side Juventus.
Italian football side Juventus.

If any team in Italian football has a chance of winning it this season, then it is Juventus. They have been in the finals thrice since their last win in 1996 but lost all of them. But this season, they go at it again with a new chief cornerstone. That cornerstone is Cristiano Ronaldo, their new signing. The man has won the most champions league and is the competitions all-time top scorer. With him in the Juventus side, the Champions league might finally return to Italian football.


Attendance of football matches in Italian football has fallen hard in recent times. The average number of fans who attended matches even in the top flight hasn’t exceeded 25,000 for the past 5 seasons. That number is an inflation considering the average number stood at less 23,000 until last season’s attendance. The situation isn’t any different when it comes to the number of people who view Italian football on TV.

Serie A of Italian football.
Serie A of Italian football.

That will certainly change after Cristiano Ronaldo make his debut for Juventus. SuperSports one of the biggest broadcasters, already have a deal in place to telecast the Serie A. That should add to the number of broadcasters and hopefully viewers. Ronaldo’s presence in matches, especially derbies should rocket match day attendance and viewership. That will be another effect of his transfer on Italian football.


Another likely effect Ronaldo’s transfer will have on Italian football has to do with TV rights. TV rights accounts for a higher percentage of a team’s income. In the Premier league for example teams are able to generate higher income because of the huge TV rights deal in place. The situation is far from similar in Italian football. The price which is insignificant compared to the premier league is not shared accordingly.

This makes a lot of clubs unable to afford players in today’s inflated market. However with Ronaldo gracing Italian football coupled with his commercial value, TV rights deal or price should soar sooner or later. That will benefits all the clubs in Italy and Italian football as a whole. There are definitely good days ahead for Italian football.


The premier league, la liga and more recently the French ligue 1 are known as big spenders in the transfer market. Teams in Italy are more of selling clubs than big spenders. However Juventus’ signing of Ronaldo is the 1st step towards changing that. They splashed €117m on Ronaldo comfortably breaking their transfer record.

Ronaldo’s future influence and effects on Italian football coupled with the money he will bring in will only cause teams to spend big. The other teams will want to stay competitive and the money that will be generated because of him can fund those transfers. This will then bring back Italian football among big money spenders.


Italian football and the Serie A hasn’t been the same for a while now. The once famous, revered and envious league is now a stepping stone to join the other big leagues. It has fallen behind standard in the last couple of years. Italian football and the Serie A have lost it appeal to players, its financial muscle and it influence in European football.

Fans outside of Europe prefer to watch the premier league or the la liga whiles players prefer to join top teams in Spain or England. Scandal of match fixing is reported every now and then. That may all change. Cristiano Ronaldo’s transfer to Juventus and Italian football can be the genesis of that. He doing the opposite of what normally goes on. He moved to Italy instead of away from it. Perhaps his transfer can stop the spread of the cancer and kick start the revival process. Italian football might perhaps dominate again.

Ronaldo joins Italian football side Juventus.
Ronaldo joins Italian football side Juventus.

The transfer is a chance for Ronaldo to exert his influence over a league for the last time. A chance to prove beyond reasonable doubt that he is the best player that ever played the game. For Juventus it is a chance to achieve something that has eluded them for decades, the Champions league. This transfer might be just what Italian football needs to make a comeback unto the world’s stage.

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