The 2018 FIFA world cup enters day five today. But before we focus on today, let’s recap what happened yesterday. Yesterday was perhaps the most interesting day of the tournament till date. Costa Rica and Serbia played an evenly contested game which ended 1 nil in favor of Serbia. The most interesting match of the day and perhaps the one that took a lot of people by surprise was the match between Germany and Mexico.

This thrilling and keenly contested fixture ended 1nil in Mexico’s favor. It also strengthened the defenders curse myth that has come to plague winners of the previous tournament. The last match of the day was equally a fascinating one which ended 1-1 to Brazil and Switzerland. The joy, surprise and upset we experienced yesterday continues today when 6 teams take to the field today.

Sweden against South Korea is the 1st game of the day, followed by the Belgium-Panama fixture. The day will be rounded off by the highly anticipated fixture between Tunisia and England. We analyze the fixtures one after the other to see who has the highest chance for success.


Sweden and South Korea play the 1st match of the day. They duel at the Nizhny Novgorod Stadium at 1pm UK time. Sweden are unbeaten in their 4 previous matches against South Korea. They have recorded 2 wins and 2 draws in those fixtures. Today’s match will be their 5th meeting but the 1st at the world cup. Sweden will be making their 12th appearance at the world cup and their 1st since 2006. South Korea on the other hand will be making their 9th consecutive appearance.

A picture of day five fixture between Sweden and South Korea.
A picture of day five fixture between Sweden and South Korea.

Sweden made it to the world cup by beating Italy in the play-off while South Korea did so by placing 2nd in their group. The last 5 matches have not been kind to both Sweden and South Korea. Sweden recorded 1 win, 2 draws and 2 defeats while South Korea recorded 1 win, 1 draw and 3 defeats. Both teams boast relatively unknown players with Lindelof and Son the exception. Looking at the statistics I expect a draw or an unlikely win for Sweden.


The second match of the day see Belgium take on Panama. They play each other at the Fisht Olympic Stadium at 4pm UK time. This game will be the 1st meeting between the two sides. Belgium will be making their 13th appearance at the world cup and their 2nd successive since 2002. Panama on the other hand will be participating in their 1st ever world cup.

A picture of day five fixture between Belgium and Panama.
A picture of day five fixture between Belgium and Panama.

Belgium made it to this year’s tournament by placing first in their group. Panama on the other hand did so by placing 3rd in their group. Belgium are in rich vein of form having recorded 4 wins and a draw in their last 5 matches. More of Belgium’s statistics can be found here.. The same cannot be said for Panama as they recorded 1 win, 1 draw and 2 loses in that same run. Panamanians players’ pales in comparison to the quality players Belgium have. I expect nothing than a win from Belgium today.


Today will end only after Tunisia have played England? The match will take place at the Volgograd arena at 7pm UK time. Tunisia and England have met twice before with England winning one and drawing the other. The one England won was their opening fixture in the 1998 world cup. Tunisia will be making their 5th appearance at the world cup, their 1st since 2006. England though will be making their 15th and 6th consecutive appearance.

A picture of day five fixture between Belgium and Panama.
A picture of day five fixture between Belgium and Panama.

Both Tunisia and England made it to this year’s world cup by topping their groups. The last five matches Tunisia have played have resulted in 2 wins, 2 draws and a loss. England on the other hand have produced 3 wins and 2 draws in that same run. The quality of the players between the two sides work in favor of England with Kane, Sterling, Henderson and others in their ranks. The match will be a closely contested one but I expect England to win after 90 minutes.


The 2018 FIFA world cup continues with day five fixtures. They are an interesting and highly competitive fixtures lined up. Even the Belgium-Panama fixture can’t be disregarded. Like always I have shared my views on the matches and I expect you to do the same. Use the information I have provided above to share your views on which teams you think will be winners.

Share the article with your friends and football lovers and hear what they think. Enjoy the world because it only comes around every 4 years. The world cup diary will be brought to you after the 1st round of matches where we will review the important things that has transpired. Please stay tune for that while informing others.

Let get interactive on my FYA SPORTS Facebook page ( On twitter and Instagram I go by the username ‘adehefredrick’. Till my next post the world cup and summer is here, enjoy whiles making new memories. Time flies by quickly you wouldn’t notice that the end is insight.

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