Anas Aremeyaw Anas popularly known as Anas shocked the whole country (Ghana) with his latest expose. The investigative journalist who has come to be a household name made his biggest wave yet. This wave was the discovery of corruption in the administration of football in Ghana. The findings of his investigation was aired 2 days ago after the President of Ghana got his turn first.

After the premiere, the whole country has been brought to its knees with cries and pleas. This cries and pleas has led to a lot of development both inside and outside the country. This article will look at 5 of those development. As to whether they will help the country going forward, only time will tell.

Resignation of Kwesi Nyantakyi after Anas Expose.

One of the immediate aftermath of the premiere of Anas’ expose was the resignation of the GFA President. Kwesi Nyantakyi who has been the GFA President since December 2005 resigned from his position less than 24 hours after the premiere. The resignation of the President of WAFU, Vice President of CAF and a member of the FIFA Council before this week would have been impossible to even think about.

A picture of Nyantakyi in relation to Anas' Expose.
A picture of Nyantakyi in relation to Anas’ Expose.

He was so good at his job that people expected him to run for another term of office even though he doesn’t want to. Under his stewardship the country’s male senior national team went to the World cup 3 consecutive times. The U20 males also won their first and Africa’s only ever gold. The country’s footballing chalked other success under his guidance.

This achievements endeared him to Ghanaians and non-Ghanaians alike that nobody expected this from him. His resignation from the FA leaves the association in shambles. One which might take a long time to sort out.

Ban from FIFA after Anas Expose.

His resignation is not the only thing that happened after the premiere. FIFA banned the GFA President Kwesi Nyantakyi from all football activities for 90 days. The ban covers football activities at both national and international level. The ban transcend administrative activities to any sporting activities. His ban may be extended by a further 45 days if deemed necessary. FIFA came to such a decision after formal investigation proceedings were carried out.

A picture of FIFA in the aftermath of Anas' Expose.
A picture of FIFA in the aftermath of Anas’ Expose.

This ban from FIFA may result in the loss of a representative from Ghana. It is not just any loss but one of a high profile person. One in an enviable position who influences things for Ghana. The ban is an aftermath of the work of Anas Aremeyaw Anas which came to a standstill 2 days ago.

Dissolution of GFA after Anas Expose.

The premiere of Anas Aremeyaw Anas’ expose brought forth yet another development or event. That is the dissolution of the country’s football governing body. The President of Ghana Nana Akuffo Addo on Thurday dissolved the GFA after the works of a private investigative company. The company known as Tiger Eye PI documented rampant bribery and corruption in the game after its investigation. This prompted the President of Ghana to dissolve the governing body.

This call made by government has been hailed by others while being criticized by others. The effects of such a call will be discussed in FYA Sports’ next article. The good and the bad of the call as well as how it affect football in Ghana will be discussed.

Postponement of MTN FA Cup after Anas Expose.

Anas Aremeyaw Anas’ expose did not end with the dissolution of the GFA. The MTN FA Cup could not be left untouched. Moments after the premiere of the expose the organizers of the competition postponed the next round of matches. The next round of matches was scheduled to be played this weekend but has been postponed after the premiere.

A picture of the MTN FA Cup in relation to Anas' Expose.
A picture of the MTN FA Cup in relation to Anas’ Expose.

The reason for the postponement sterns from massive legal tussle at the GFA following the resignation of Kwesi Nyantakyi. There is no scheduled date for the resumption of the competition. This new development is a particularly worrying one as the 2017/18 football calendar year is already far behind. This is just another aftermath of the premiere of Anas’ expose.

Postponement of Zylofone Cash Premier League.

The premiere of Anas Aremeyaw Anas’ expose led to another development in Ghana. This time it is the postponement of the Zylofone Cash Premier League. The newly sponsored league which is far behind on it calendar has been paused. This pause or postponement comes right after Anas expose went viral.

Before the postponement or the pause there were rumours that the sponsors were going to pull out their sponsorship. While that may still happen for now we are focusing on what has happened. The league is paused since all footballing activities in the country are on hold. This is another aftermath of the premiere of the expose titled number 12.

Repercussions of Anas Expose.

The promised premiere of the expose has been done and dusted. Developments have occur in reaction to that. More developments or events will occur. The only question this brings is what will happen to football in the country? What will be the state of football in the country? This are the questions on every football loving persons mind.

Other worries they have are will football in the country stagnate or it will improve. This questions are bordering me too. But like I said earlier time is needed to answer some of this questions. When and where this answers appears FYA Sports will deliver them to you. Do you have an inkling as to what will happen to football in Ghana? Please share that in the comment section when you do.

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