It’s been 5 days since the Mundial in Russia started. Today is day 6 or match day 6 of the global football fiesta. As always we will review what happened yesterday in a few words and preview the matches to be played today. Yesterday’s matches were just as I predicted, there were no surprises. Sweden won over South Korea in the 1st match of the day which was a cagey affair. Belgium and England also defeated Panama and Tunisia respectively.

Today’s matches will end the 1st round of matches while beginning the 2nd round also. Colombia will start the day for us by playing Japan. Senegal will play the late afternoon kick-off with Poland and the match between Russia and Egypt will end the day. The Russia-Egypt fixture will begin the 2nd round of matches.


The 1st of the last two matches of the 1st round will be contested by Columbia and Japan. The match will be played at the Mordovia arena at 1pm UK time. Colombia and Japan have met three times in the past with Colombia winning 2 and drawing 1. Today’s match will be their 2nd meeting at the world cup after their 2014 show down at the group stage. Columbia will be making their 6th world cup appearance and 2nd consecutive since 1998. Japan on the other hand will be making their 6th successive appearance at the Mundial.

A picture the of the fixture between Colombia and Japan at the Mundial.
A picture the of the fixture between Colombia and Japan at the Mundial.

Colombia made it the 2018 mundial in Russia by placing 4th in the Conmebol qualifiers. Japan on the other hand qualified by topping their group. The last 5 matches Colombia have played have produced 2 wins, 2 draws and a loss. You can find more on that here. Japan too haven’t fared any better in that same run. They produced 1 win and 4 loses in that run. Colombia boast a much quality side than Japan with their team having Rodriguez, Falcao, Cuadrado and others. Japan can only boast of Okazaki and Honda.

The differences in player quality, and the statistics convince me that Colombia will win this match like they did 4 years ago.


The last match of the 1st round of matches will see Senegal play Poland in an evenly contested affair. The match will be played at the Otkrytie arena at 4pm UK time. Senegal and Poland haven’t played each other before so this will be their 1st ever meeting. Senegal is making just their 2nd appearance at the world and a 1st since 2002. Poland on the other hand is making their 8th appearance at the Mundial.

A picture of the fixture between Poland Senegal and at the Mundial.
A picture of the fixture between Poland Senegal and at the Mundial.

Both Senegal and Poland got to Russia by placing 1st in their respective groups. Senegal is in a poor form going into the mundial in Russia. They have posted only one win in their last 5 matches with the remaining resulting in 3 draws and a loss. Poland are not any better with them recording 2 wins a draw and 2 loses. Both teams boast a relatively even team or squad with Senegal having Mane, Sow, Cisse and others on board. Poland also have Lewandowski, Zielinski, Fabianski and others on board.

Though Senegal lack world cup experience, the current Poland players haven’t been to the world cup either. Their similar statistics, players and experience see them evenly matched. I see Senegal making Africa proud by winning Africa’s 1st match at the Mundial.


The 1st match of the second round of matches sees tournament host take on the pharaohs of Egypt. This all important match in Group A will be played at the Krestovsky Stadium at 7pm UK time. Russia and Egypt haven’t played each other before. This match will be their 1st ever encounter. This tournament is Russia’s 4th appearance at the Mundial but for Egypt this is their 3rd.

A picture of the fixture between Russia and Egypt at the Mundial.
A picture of the fixture between Russia and Egypt at the Mundial.

Russia qualified for the tournament courtesy of their status as host nation. Egypt on the other hand qualified by topping their group. Russia’s last 5 matches have produced a win, a draw and 3 loses with the win coming in their opening fixture of the world cup. Egypt’s last 5 results is equally poor with 2 draws and 3 loses. Both teams have an evenly matched team. The news of Salah’s eminent participation should bolster the Egyptian side.

I see Egypt winning this fixture because that is the only way for them to progress and Salah’s involvement can help secure that.


THE 2018 Mundial continues with match day 6 fixtures. The 1st round of matches will be over today and the 2nd round of matches will kick-off. There is no slowing down or break. The biggest footballing event goes on. Some of the names to watch today include Lewandowski, Rodriguez, Okazaki, Mane, Salah and Akinfee. Whatever you do and whenever you get to your television set, one or two of these guys will be playing so be sure to watch the world cup.

I have dissected the matches and shared my views on it. Use the information below at your disposal to guess which teams you think will win. Share this article with your friends and hear their opinions on it. Let’s enjoy the world cup as it has come to meet us. And remember the world cup diary where we will be discussing the key things happening in Russia will come of tomorrow. Visit the blog tomorrow for it while informing others.

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